Introduction: Using a high-precision displacement sensor and a high-stability structural system, the in-situ test model buckle expansion thickness change curve can quickly analyze the expansion performance of active materials and facilitate material development.

Application: symmetrical battery, half battery, full battery, solid state battery.
Introduction: It adopts servo motor, combined with high-precision control system, equipped with multiple high-precision thickness measuring sensors, to accurately measure the expansion thickness and expansion force of the battery charging and discharging process, and facilitate material research and development and battery expansion mechanism analysis.

Applications: material evaluation, analytical analysis, cell structure evaluation, working condition evaluation.
Introduction: Four-channel simultaneous testing of the real-time expansion thickness performance of silicon-based or graphite-based soft packs, laminations, and model buttons during the in-situ charge and discharge process, which is used to evaluate the expansion performance of materials or cells.
Introduction: It is used to quantitatively characterize the difference in stress distribution at different positions on the surface of the battery cell, and evaluate the performance of the battery cell.

Application: Expansion force distribution evaluation for soft cases, hard cases, modules, etc.
Multi-channel In-situ Lithium Battery Swelling Analyzer MSWE1400 used to be applied to the in-situ swelling thickness test of model battery, laminated battery and soft pack battery.
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