Introduction: PRCD3100 combined with high-precision pressure control,thickness and resistance testing system, free choice of four-probe and two-probe method.

Application: PRCD3100 used for material research and development and powder material batch stability monitoring.
Introduction: BSR2300 use the upper, middle and lower three pairs of electrodes to test the resistivity of the slurry at different vertical heights, evaluate the conductivity of different formulations of slurry and the settlement performance with the standing time.

Application: Assist in the research and development of slurry formulation,evelopment and monitoring of the stability of the stirring process.
Introduction: BER2500 in combination with the high-precision pressure control, thickness and resistance testing system, the two-plane controllable pressure disc electrode resistance method is used to test the overall penetration internal resistance of the electrode piece.

Application: Battery material evaluation, process evaluation, cell failure analysis
SEMS1100 developed with CATL the top power battery company and Authorized exclusively for the Patent.

Test the ionic conductance, electronic conductance, and solid-state batteries electrochemical properties of various solid electrolytes.
Introduction: PCD2000 used as an effective indicator to monitor the differences between batches of powder materials and as an effective means for R&D material evaluation and process optimization.

Application: Lithium (sodium) positive and negative electrode powder (LCO/NCM/LFP/Graphite, etc.), conductive agent, solid electrolyte powder, other micron powder materials, etc.
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