• Model Coin-cell In-situ Swelling System
  • Model Coin-cell In-situ Swelling System
Model Coin-cell In-situ Swelling System

Brand: IEST

Product origin: Xiamen

Delivery time: About 6-8 weeks after placing the order

Supply capacity: About 20-40 sets/month

Introduction: Using a high-precision displacement sensor and a high-stability structural system, the in-situ test model buckle expansion thickness change curve can quickly analyze the expansion performance of active materials and facilitate material development.

Application: symmetrical battery, half battery, full battery, solid state battery.


Model Coin-cell In-situ Swelling System

Model Coin-cell Swelling System


Lithium Battery swelling system

lithium battery testing

Assess the Importance of  Lithium Battery Swelling

Lithium-ion battery, as a popular energy storage carrier, has been widely used in life. With the increase of application scenarios, the battery safety also has higher requirements.ln the process of lithium-ion battery charge and discharge, it will be accompanied by different degrees of expansion.

On the one hand, it will affect the deformation of the battery assembly space, on the other hand, the irreversible expansion accumulation will also cause the structural destruction of the active material, thus accelerating the capacity attenuation.In the monomer cell layer, the characterization of cell expansion has more characterization methods.Such as by applying a certain pressure on the cell surface to test the thickness of the cell, the expansion force, the expansion of the cell, including multiple layers of positive and negative electrode, separator, aluminum plastic film oralumi- num shell, cannot accurately locate the source of expansion and quantification of a material. 

So for lithium researchers still have certain limitations.Coin battery is a kind of battery used by lithium researchers, it is composed of a single layer of positive and negative electrode and separator, but due to the binding of the positive and negative electrode steel shell, the electrode of the expansion cannot be measured.If the influence of positive and negative electrode steel shell is excluded and the model coin battery is used to explore the expansion behavior of single layer battery, it can more directly analyze the expansion performance of active material, which is helpful to evaluate the feasibility of material modification and process formula optimization.

Scheme of Model Coin-cell

coin cell battery expansion

Main Features

1. The instrument size is small (length * width * height 120 * 150 * 280mm), which can be placed in the glove box.

2. The fixture of the model coin cell can used to assemble various types of full battery.

3. Good sealing, to ensure long-term test stability and to obtain more reliable test results.

4. High-precision thickness measurement system, thickness measurement resolution 0.1 μm, precision ± 1 μm.

5.ln-situ test of the full-cell expansion thickness curve.

6.Solid electrolyte ion conductivity can be tested.

7.The software automatically combines the model battery thickness change data and charging and discharge data (compatible with partial charging and discharge instrument), and outputs the test data report.

Application Case

Lithium Battery swelling system

Main Instrument Parameters

MCS1000 MCS1400
Number of channels single channel four channles
Main Instrument Parameters
Scope of thickness measurement 0~10mm
Thickness resolution 0.1μm
Thickness measurement accuracy ±0.1μm
Mold size Inner diameter 13mm, 16mm, 20mm (other diameters available)
Installation Conditions
Sourcet 220~240V /50~60H z
Voltage change tolerance ±10%
Power consumption 30W
Net weightt 10KG
Size 120*150*280mm

What testing services can IEST provide?
Test services that IEST can provide include free sample testing services, test data,analysis report, etc....more
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