RO1100 automatic lithium-ion battery voltage internal resistance tester is a device with high integration, high openness, complete system functions, minimum human intervention, and rapid measurement of battery voltage internal resistance.

Application: Voltage internal resistance test of soft-pack batteries, voltage internal resistance test of hard-shell batteries
Developed with CATL the top power battery company and Authorized exclusively for the Patent.

Test the ionic conductance, electronic conductance, and solid-state batteries electrochemical properties of various solid electrolytes.
Introduction : Combined with high-precision pressure control, thickness and resistance testing system, free choice of four-probe and two-probe method, selected test powder resistivity and compaction density, used for material research and development and powder material batch stability monitoring.

Application : Lithium (sodium) positive and negative electrode powder (LCO/NCM/LFP/Graphite, etc.), conductive agent, solid electrolyte powder, other micron powder materials, etc.
Introduction: Use the upper, middle and lower three pairs of electrodes to test the resistivity of the slurry at different vertical heights, evaluate the conductivity of different formulations of slurry and the settlement performance with the standing time, and assist in the research and development of slurry formulation development and monitoring of the stability of the stirring process.

Application: Material evaluation, formulation evaluation, and sedimentation performance evaluation of lithium (sodium) positive and negative electrode slurry and conductive agent slurry.
Introduction: In combination with the high-precision pressure control, thickness and resistance testing system, the two-plane controllable pressure disc electrode resistance method is used to test the overall penetration internal resistance of the electrode piece, including the sum of the coating resistance, the contact resistance between the coating and the fluid collector, and the fluid collector resistance, which is used for the formulation development of the electrode piece and the process stability monitoring.

Application: material evaluation, process evaluation, cell failure analysis
The high-speed insulation resistance tester is an instrument for testing the short circuit and insulation resistance of lithium battery cells. Complies with IEC 61010 safety standards. It is mainly used to apply high voltage test to the battery cells before the electrolyte is poured into the lithium battery, and determine the insulation faults such as open circuit, short circuit and micro-short circuit of the battery cells. And has abnormal detection function, and short circuit test function, fast judgment, test time up to 50ms.
Item model number: 9920
Manufacturer's nature: manufacturer
IEST Precision DC Resistance Tester:
The basic accuracy is 0.01%, and the measurable range is 0.01μΩ~1200MΩ resistance.
It has high-speed test line abnormal detection function and extremely short-circuit measurement function, and the sorting speed can reach 1000 times/second, which can ensure high-speed and reliable sorting every time.
It can be freely configured as multi-level sorting, and the external control interface can be configured as NPN/PNP.
Automatic production line suitable for various signal interfaces.
Item model number: 3545
Manufacturer's nature: manufacturer
3568A battery comprehensive tester adopts new battery testing technology and industrial design. The circuit adopts ARM high-speed sampling control, which has high test accuracy and fast response speed. Powerful functions, a single machine can complete routine tests such as battery AC and DC internal resistance, OCV voltage, battery capacity, charge-discharge, over-charge and over-discharge.
Update time: 2022-03-16
Product model: 3568A
Manufacturer's nature: manufacturer
CT-4000 four-range mA device meets 0.01% FS accuracy, DCIR test, dQ/dV differential capacity curve, μA level current unit, three-electrode test. Mainly for research institutions and universities. Application areas: true wireless bluetooth headset lithium battery test | button lithium battery test | lithium material research
HP8682P Lithium Battery Fast Charger Power Electronic Load Automatic Tester: Programmable DC electronic load, supports Qualcomm QC, PD fast charging protocol, Huawei FCP/SCP fast charging protocol, etc.
CT-4008-5V120A-NTA, 8CH/24U power cell tester, multiple working modes (constant voltage charging, constant current charging, constant current discharging, etc.), multiple safety protection functions (battery reverse connection alarm, overcurrent shutdown , protection function during operation, etc.), supporting professional analysis software, to meet the power battery pulse charge and discharge test, DC internal resistance (DCIR) test, cycle life (Cycle Life) test, rate charge and discharge test. Mainly used in various research institutions, universities and power battery manufacturers.
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