Recycled LIB Material Achieves Comparable Performance to Virgin Material

Recently, an innovative clean technology company in the United States announced the results of the pouch battery test conducted by the Argonne National Laboratory, which showed that the use of positive electrode materials directly recovered by a unique low-temperature plasma technology has excellent discharge capacity retention.

lithium battery tester

After more than 1,000 deep cycles of this low-temperature plasma direct recovery technology, the discharge capacity retention rates of LCO batteries (mainly used in consumer electronics) and NCM batteries (mainly used in electric vehicles) are 83.66% and 88.9%, respectively, These results are comparable to lithium-ion cells produced using virgin materials.

As the world shifts to electrification, the global market for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) is expected to soar to over $200 billion by 2030! Demand for minerals such as lithium will continue to exceed available supply. Recycling LIB materials is critical to driving the clean technology economy, reducing pricing pressure and minimizing environmental impact.

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