The Average Price of Battery-grade Lithium Carbonate Exceeded 300,000 Yuan/Ton

Recently, the quotations of battery-grade lithium carbonate have exceeded 300,000 yuan/ton, which has once again raised concerns about rising raw material prices. As the price of lithium carbonate hovers around the 300,000 yuan mark, the industry has entered a deep game. Combing the price change cycle of lithium carbonate, the price of lithium carbonate was last quoted at 300,000 yuan/ton, which was still on March 20. Judging from the low point of 180,000 yuan/ton of battery-grade lithium carbonate, it will basically take a month to drop from 300,000 yuan to 180,000 yuan, and then rise from 180,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan.


With the rapid rise of lithium prices, a series of chain reactions have been triggered in the lithium battery industry, including the rapid rise in the price of lithium hexafluorophosphate from a low point. The market consensus is that the rapid rise in the price of lithium carbonate this time is mainly due to the strong efforts of battery manufacturers to destock in the first quarter, coupled with the rise in downstream demand. Since mid-April, battery manufacturers have started to replenish their inventories one after another, which has driven the lithium battery industry to pick up production schedules.

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However, for the rapid recovery of lithium prices, especially when the lithium price breaks through the 300,000 mark, the differences in different links of the lithium battery industry gradually emerge. Upstream lithium mine manufacturers clearly intend to raise prices. In addition to existing customers and long-term contracts, lithium mine manufacturers are still reducing the supply of lithium carbonate in the market. In terms of sales models, some lithium mine manufacturers have adopted auctions to increase product prices. The wait-and-see mood of mid-stream battery manufacturers is brewing. Although the current battery manufacturers have a strong willingness to replenish inventory, the rapid rise in lithium prices has also caused concerns about subsequent price drops.


With the release of battery manufacturers' own lithium mine production capacity and the commissioning of overseas lithium mine projects, uncertainties have been added to the market, and the price of lithium carbonate has entered a deep game.

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