South Korean New Research Supports Revolutionary Breakthrough in Solid-State Battery Technology


The Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI) has achieved a significant breakthrough in the field of solid-state batteries, successfully unveiling a groundbreaking research outcome. This marks a crucial step towards the commercialization of solid-state batteries. These batteries are free from the inherent risks of explosion and fire.

Solid-state batteries utilize solid-state electrolytes instead of liquid counterparts to facilitate ion transfer between the positive (+) and negative (-) electrodes, significantly reducing the risk of fire or explosion. However, for integration into solid-state batteries, particularly in the cathode, solid-state electrolytes must be extremely small, only a few micrometers in size, approximately one hundredth the thickness of a human hair.

Solid-State Batteries

KERI has developed a technology capable of mass-producing these tiny solid-state electrolytes and enhancing ion conductivity by simplifying the process. In contrast to existing methods where solid-state electrolytes typically have larger particle sizes and require additional processes such as mechanical grinding, KERI's approach alleviates the associated time and cost burdens of these processes. Additionally, it eliminates the performance degradation of solid-state electrolytes caused by grinding, which has been a significant barrier to their commercialization.

KERI has already submitted multiple patent applications for this groundbreaking achievement, anticipating significant interest from the solid-state battery industry. The research institute plans to enter into technology transfer agreements with companies expressing interest. Additionally, KERI intends to combine this achievement with its previous development—a unique wet synthesis technique aimed at mass-producing solid-state electrolytes at one-tenth of the raw material cost, utilizing a patented special additive. This strategy will position KERI at the forefront of low-cost, high-quality mass production of solid-state electrolytes.

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